Mark Wilcox

Mark Wilcox

CEO, 21e8 (The Magic Number Company)

Mark Wilcox is a BitCoin and interactive media technology strategist based in Auckland, New Zealand. He was previously Director of Strategy at Nyriad, a pioneer in Hyperscale Computational Storage and GPU-accelerated data fabrics, where he participated in SNIA's Technical Working Group for Computational Storage to standardise industry access to Computational Storage Devices. In 2019 Mark participated in Benjamin H. Bratton's 'The New Normal' speculative design think tank at Moscow's Strelka Institute, researching technological sovereignty and algorithmic geopolitics, while planning his next projects. Mark graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2013 with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Honours), majoring in Digital Media.

About 21e8 Limited

21e8 is pioneering an ecosystem of computational data markets - competitive systems that combine real-time content creation with distributed data exchange. We designed the first universal price system for digital information - a design pattern that encodes context and value into canonical identifiers of data - to replace ad-based ranking and recommender systems like those run by Google and Facebook. By combining information content and attention with proof-of-work, 21e8 opens the potential for true information supply chains for software, media and more.


@mwilcox, mark [at] this-website